St Mary's Church



August 2010


The first pages I made for Barrington was back in 2007, when I only had time for a flying visit and didn't take many photos.  I returned to the village in August 2010 and I think I now have photos of all the headstones that are legible.  Just click on a name and you will be taken to relevant page - use return button to get back here.  Scroll down this page for general photos of the church and the churchyard.  Don't forget to check out the Church pages for the name plaques in there.

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Barrett * Bond * Booth * Brice * Brister * Brown * Bullen

Clarke * Cole * Cook * Cornelius * Crabb

Dabinett * Dare * Delamain * Dickinson * Douglas * Drayton

Eales * Edmunds

Flynn * Friend

Gerrish * Gibbs * Giles

Hallett * Hamlet * Harman * Harrison * Hatfield * Heather * Huxford


Langdon * Lawrence * Lee * Lever * Lock

Male * Mayer * Morris * Moulding

Newbury * Newis

Oaten * Osbourne

Perry * Ponsford

Ree * Ripley * Rowswell

Salisbury Rood * Sargent * Skenfield * Smith * Stenner * Stevens * Swain

Thorne * Thresher * Tratt


Wakely * Warry * Watson * White * Wilkins * Winter


The Church

The Village

Barrington Court

Somerset Churchyards and Cemeteries

All recent burials happen at the rear of the churchyard but this area must be full of unmarked graves - sadly there were many who could not afford to have headstones for their family members resting here.  I know that my grandparents don't have a headstone and there are no memorial stones for my great grandparents and those before


Somerset Churchyards and Cemeteries