War Memorial

Combe St Nicholas



Remember Before God The Men of Combe St Nicholas
Who Served in the Great War for the World's Freedom

J Baker
H Barrett
F Bartlett
C Bath
F Beasley
F Beasley
H Beasley
W Beasley
J Betty
W Campbell
S Churchill
R Coleman
A Coles
W Coles
W Collins
W Cox
W Davey
F Dening
J Dening
A Dinham
C Dinham
A Dymond
W Edworthy
E Elliott
G England
F Fowler
A Froom
R Froom
H Furber
J Furber
T Furber
W Gardner
C Gillett
R Gillett
E Goodland
H Goodland
W Grabham
H Hare

J Hare
L Hare
T Hare
W Hare
T Harris
P Hawkins
R Hawkins
I Hayward
C Hector
W Hector
I Hedditch
F Hellier
R Hellier
F Hill
J Hill
J Hill
T Hill
W Hill
W Hill
H Hoare
M Hoare
A Hopkins
F Hopkins
W Hughes

W Huish
B Hurford
H hurford
P Hurford
T Hurford
A Jeffery
C Jeffery
J Jeffery






W Keatch
C Lazenby
H Loader
A Long
E Long
H Madge
R Madge
A Male
E Mallock
A Manning
F Manning
J Manning
S Manning

W Manning
H Marsh
S Mattocks
P Mear

P Mear
R Mear
C Mitchem
F Mitchem
G Mitchem
W Mitchem
J Mogford
T Mogford
W Morgan
J North
C Owsley
V Owsley
J Parsons
L Pavey
P Pavey
E Pearce
A Player
F Player
F Player
W Player
A Pointing

G Prince
S Quick
T Quick
H Richards
F Rodd
M Rodd
A Scriven
C Scriven
W Scriven
H Skyrme
R Skyrme
H Stephens
H Stickland
P Summers
A Symes
E Symes
G Symes
R Symonds
L Tawney
C Taylor
F Tratt
H Trott
F Tutcher
G Vickery
R Vickery
R Vickery
A Ward
F Ward
W Ward
P Watts
J Wembridge
J Wembridge
W Wembridge
C Wheadon
E Wheeler
R Zealley


1914 - 1918

Names in gold (red) lettering are the men who were killed in action


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