St Andrew's

Curry Rivel

Jennings Tomb

The large and splendid tomb seperates the Chancel from the North Chapel.  Commemorating Marmaduke and his son, Robert,
represented as troopers, with jack boots and jerkins.

The sides of the tomb are decorated with figures representing family mourners.

A thin coffered arch serves as a canopy and the family crest, surmounted by a robin, is supported by cherubs.

Chained to the railings, which are original, is a small and ancient strong box, now empty.

Marmaduke Jennings
1567 - 1625
Buried 5 April 1625

Robert Jennings
1598 - 1630
Buried 7 May 1630

Anyone able to translate?


Anna Jennings              Mary ?? Jennings               Eliza Jennings


Marmaduke Jennings     Robert Jennings     ????


Mary Powell?   Marmaduke Jennings        ??? Bishop?


Elizabeth, wife? and her children - A.T., E.T., and A.T.