Fivehead Cemetery


June 2008

Adams * Aspley

Bennett * Berry * Brunt * Button

Chedzoy * Cheesley * Cleary * Cullen

Daly * Davison * Derrick * Dinham


Fielder * Ford

Gange * Goodwin * Grainger

Hallett * Hardwill * Harris * Hector * Helliwell * Hodge * Hooper



Lambert * Louch

Male * Manning * Miller * Milton * Musgrove


Rowe * Rowsell

Salway * Scott * Sherring * Slade * Smith

Taylor * Tribbeck * Trunks



Waller * Ward * Weeks * Wheller


Sarah Hawkins PRs and Census

Probably half of the cemetery has been allowed to grow wild and 2 headstones can be spotted in the distance.  A national wildlife/nature group did approach a lot of Somerset churches, urging them to allow the land to grow wild but most objected to the idea.  Fivehead obviously agreed to it and you will also see a small plot of land in the churchyard that has been allowed to grow wild.  There is a wonderful selection of wild flowers and grasses in the cemetery - but unfortunately I was not able to take any photos of any headstones that are "buried" in the long grass.  (Farmers in England are also encouraged to allow some of their fields to revert to meadows)

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