St Andrew's Church

High Ham


August 2012


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A.D. 965. The Saxon Church
King Edgar, influenced by Archbishop Dunstan, gave the Manor of High Ham to the Abbot and monks of Glastonbury.

1100 (circ) The Norman Church
This Church was build, probably by Abbot Herlwin, assisted by Serlo de Burci, Lord of the Manor of Low Ham, in the time of William I & II.

Edward III.
The Tower as it now stands dates from the reign of Edward III: but it contains marks of earlier Norman building.

1476. The present Perpendicular Church.
The former church was rebuilt in the space of one year by Abbot Selwood and the monks of Glastonbury Abbey in 1476, assisted by Sir Amyas Paulet, Peter and John Rogers, John Ireland, John Paddock, John  Hurd, Christian Alpin.
The Chancel was rebuilt by John Dyer, Rector at that time.

The glory of the church is the beautiful Screen, made in the first years of the 16th Century by the monks of Glastonbury. One band of the carving is unique.

The Rood Beam, bereft of the figures, is above the Screen.  The door and stairs leading up to the loft of the Screen are still

History of the Church by B. Hughes. Rector

Norman Font
date 1100-1135
The oak cover designed by the late F E Howard

"Father Forgive Them"
Sculptured head by B Buxley-Jones

The Roof shows skilful carving and has traces of ancient colour over the Rood.

The roof of the Porch


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