St Andrew's Church

High Ham


August 2012



St Andrew's is a beautiful church but sadly the churchyard and headstones are neglected, with large areas overgrown with weeds.  Most of the headstones are very old and quite a few of them unreadable, and I suspect some are lost in the undergrowth.  The morning we were there was overcast and misty - a nightmare for photography and trying to transcribe some of the inscriptions gave me eye strain and a headache, so I apologise for any mistakes made and corrections and/or additions will be gratefully received.  I was surprised how few headstones there are in the churchyard and it wasn't until we were driving out of the village that we spotted a cemetery, so I guess the churchyard is full, with many unmarked graves - hopefully I will be able to make a return trip for the cemetery and take some photos around the village, which is very pretty.


Barnard * Belton * Burcham

Carpenter * Cavendish * Churchill * Cook * Cooksley * Crossman * Cullen


Flack * Ford

Gare * Gillett

Hill * Howe * Hunt


Lawrence * Lee * Lloyd * London

Marshall * Mathams * Mears

Perren * Perry * Pettey * Probert


Shaw * Sherrin * Small * Spearing

Thomas * Thyer * Traves


Wallis * Watts * Williams


The Church


War Memorial




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