St Andrew's Church

High Ham


August 2012


War Memorial


This memorial plaque is inside the church

Bryson Bellot Lieut. N.S.Y
A Victor Chapple Sgt. W.S.Y
Francis E Cox Pte. Glouc. Regt.
Guy M Crossman 2nd Lt. Welch Regt.
H C (Fred) Cullen Pte. S.L.I.
Albert E Fisher Pte. S.L.I.
C Victor Frith Pte. S.L.I.
Percy T Garland Trpr. D.G.
Maurice Lloyd Gnr. R.G.A.


James R U Mead Corpl. W.S.Y.
T Champion D mead Gnr. R.H>H.
Albert E J G Open L.Cpl. S.L.I.
E Charles Rood Ptr. Can. Infy.
Sidney A Sherrin Trpr. W.S.Y.
A John Thyer Dr. R.A.S.C.
Walter H Townsend Pte. R.E.
Augustus Wilkins Pte. Can. Infy.
Reginald Woodman Pte. S.L.I.


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