St Peter's Church



August 2011


Unfortunately, and sadly a sign of our times, the doors are locked when the church is not in use, so I wasn't able to look around and take photos of any memorials inside.  The churchyard itself is not the best maintained one I have visited - and shame on those who walk their dogs there and don't clean up the mess they drop!  I didn't have time to look around the village and take photos of the houses - the long walk to the cemetery and back tired me out.  The Wyndam Arms does a Sunday roast - but gets very busy so book in advance!  I wasn't able to have lunch but at least the landlord gave me a free packet of crisps to go with my half of shandy. lol



Baker * Bassett * Beavan * Bond * Bradley * Bryant * Bulgin

Chard * Childs-Clarke * Christmas * Churchill * Crabb

Davey * Denner * Dolling * Downton * Durham

Eames * Edwards


Gillard * Grabham * Granger

Hansford * Harcombe * Harvey * Hayman * Hopkins * Hutchings



Marks * Mead * Merchant * Mico

Partridge * Paull * Pester * Phippen * Player * Poole * Priddle



Sams * Slade * Smith * Stanton * Symonds

Tancock * Taylor * Turner

Vile * Vincent

Warfield * Warren * Webb * Whaites * Wills * Woodland


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