St Martin's Church

Kingsbury Episcopi


Saint Martin was a popular choice of patron saint from AD 400 until the Norman conquest.  This almost certainly indicates that a Saxon church, probably built of wood, stood on this site.  The village is mentioned in the Doomsday book.

The old church probably survived into the 14th century, when the centre arcade of arches was built to support a new building.

The church is a large Gothic building, with the older part, principally the nave of the bulding, made of Blue Lias Stone.  The later Perpendicular (15th century) parts, notably the chancel and tower, are made of Hamstone.

The church was built in several stages, the transept, chancel and tower were the latest additions, being built in the later part of the 15th century.  All the building was completed before the Reformation in the 1530s.

The church originally had a wealth of stained glass, very little of which remains.




The church building suffered considerably during the Civil War:  windows were broken and effigies were beheaded and defaced.














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