St Mary's Church

Seavington St Mary


St Mary's church is no longer in use but remains consecrated ground - but for how much longer?  I can see 10 years down the line and it being converted to residential use.  Situated outside of the village and near a busy road, the churchyard is still peaceful and quite well maintained in most parts.  The church was locked so unfortunately we were unable to look around inside.  This photo was taken from the road, across some waste land.

Most of the very early headstones and tombs were made of local (Ham?) stone - which does not weather at all well unfortunately, and makes inscriptions difficult or impossible to read.  I wish I had more time to study them and make notes.

One side of the churchyard has the earlier graves in it and is more neglected and overgrown - as can be seen by the hedgerow edging it's way across the graves.  How many are already lost in amongst the nettles and brambles?

Old headstones stacked at the side of the church