St Michael's Church

Seavington St Michael

Small and simple, the church is situated at the edge of the village atop a small hill.  Quite steep steps lead up to the gate, and a path leads up to the church - which must make things difficult for funerals.  St Michael's church is still in use but is considerably smaller than it's sister church St Mary, which is no longer in use -  a sign of the declining congregation.  The churchyard is well maintained and overlooks the surrounding countryside



Although there is a card explaining who this effigy is - it's handwritten, faded and very difficult to read, especially when short of time!


Work on the bells in memory of Abraham Harding Poole and Eliza, his wife, and their children, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Charles and Florence Emma.


Charles Harding Poole

Died 21 November 1852