South Petherton Cemetery


The cemetery is on the outskirts of the town and has 2 small chapels at the entrance.  Long and rectangular, there is a drive the runs between the 2 chapels down the length of the cemetery to the Memorial Wall.  The cemetery is well maintained and tidy and despite there being a busy A road to one side of it, it is very quiet and peaceful and has some wonderful trees and shrubs dotted about.  I am not a fan of plastic or silk flowers on graves but it soon became apparent why they are popular here - rabbits!  And possibly deer too.  You will see in some of the photographs bunches of bare twigs in vases - the remains of a rabbit lunch.  And a wreath stripped bare.  Some people even resorted to putting little mesh cages on their loved ones graves to keep floral arrangements out of each.  In some places the ground is very soft - wasn't sure if this was because of natural causes or rabbit warrens.  I had the chance of spending the whole day there but things didn't go to plan.  I had started taking photographs at the far end and was making my way back to the entrance - I had got about two 3rds of the way when my camera memory card filled up.  I started to delete some shots, when the batteries died!  Strange because I had charged them up the night before.  Other weird thing that happened was with my mobile phone.  I had it in my trouser pocket and suddenly noticed that my leg was getting very warm, when I took the phone out it was almost too hot to hold.  I switched it off and put it in my handbag to cool off - when I later turned it on and checked it, the battery was dying in that too!  Fortunately the battery in my scooter didn't suffer a similar problem and I was able to head back into town and get some more batteries for the camera.